It’s Time to Leave Church Tech-Stress Behind

Uptime AVL is an audio, video, & lighting partner for churches in Southern California that need help with system maintenance, upgrades, optimizations, and more.

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Church tech can be difficult. We can help.

Audio, Video, and Lighting Frustration is Real

Your audio, video, and lighting systems are expensive. When big technology investments result in poor performance, visitors and staff alike are frustrated.

  • Failed Live Streams

  • Overburdened Staff

  • Stage lights Not Working

  • Dim Projectors

  • Poor Sound Quality

  • Unequipped Volunteers

  • Poor Camera Quality

  • Subpar Visuals

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We Help Churches and Small Business With

Audio • Video • Lighting

  • System Maintenance

  • Upgrade Planning

  • Installation

  • Live Streaming

  • Stage Lighting

  • Pro Presenter

  • Emergency Repairs & Upgrades

  • Camera Selection & Setup

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Seeing Current Opportunities

  • Projection Systems

  • Staff & Volunteer Training

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Your church needs your full attention.

Pastors Should Be Able to Focus on What They Do Best

We can’t sit down and prepare a sermon or a worship set. Technology is all we do – every single day. Get time back to do what you do best. Together we’ll make Sundays at your church the best they can be.

Uptime AVL can affordably ease your church’s technical burden.

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Tech maintenance and progress, but without the salary.

No tech director? No Problem.

Churches without tech directors used to have staff working multiple rolls or volunteers trying to help with things they aren’t fully equipped to do.

Uptime AVL not only saves you money, but also keeps your church technology maintained and up to date.


Average Salary for A Church Tech Director (Adjusted for Inflation)

$3,000 – 12,000/year

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Expensive technology should work how it’s supposed to. We’ll help you get the most out of your investment. Contact us today for a consultation.


Free 30 Minute Consultation

Briefly talk us through the issues you’re experiencing with your audio, video, or lighting system.

  • Clarify Your Most Pressing Problems

  • Learn Where to Focus Your Efforts

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2 Hour Consultation

Fill out a brief questionnaire before our meeting, and we’ll talk through solutions to your problems during our call. You’ll get practical direction and a plan to finally solve your church tech struggles.

  • Practical Direction and Solutions to Implement
  • An Ongoing Plan to Solve Your Church Tech Stress

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$2000 + Travel If Needed

Full Day, On-site Consultation

Fill out a brief questionnaire before our meeting. We’ll take a full 8 hour day to talk through issues, diagnose root problems, and offer solutions to finally solve your church tech struggles. You’ll receive a detailed report to take to a board to help prove the point of an ongoing contract need or system overhaul.

  • In-Depth Diagnosis of Your Current System

  • Solve Several On-site Church Tech Problems While We’re There

  • An Ongoing Plan to Eliminate Your Church Tech Stress for Good

  • Detailed Report To Help With Funding Approval For Advanced Updates

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Trusted By Churches Like Yours

Imagine Sundays Free From Tech Stress

Nowadays, a church service is supported by a lineup of technology that has the potential to work against you when it should be working for you.

In order to be a competent church leader, you need to leverage your audio, video, and lighting systems. They should be running well every Sunday of the year.

We understand church tech stress. And we’re committed to helping church leaders like you leave it behind. Working with churches big and small for the last 15+ years to advance the gospel through technology has showed us that most churches just need a bit of help.

Leave church tech stress behind and start experiencing technology systems that work correctly.

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Live Streaming

You need your live streaming set up to work. We’ll evaluate your current situation and recommend solutions to implement.

Reach out to us. We can help.

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